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The Forward podcast takes on subjects that are designed to move humanity forward at the speed of thought. The host, Derrick Day, talks about things that push the envelope and advance the state of human “being,” while lambasting and castigating things that hold humanity back and result in human “doing.” The Forward podcast also interviews people who are active in “moving the needle” in science, education, athletics, politics, and spirituality. The listener will be provoked to think and apply “instinctive analysis” to what they hear and translate it into insightful application.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 18: Abortion

    Abortion. Arguably the most controversial topic outside of the enslavement and inhumane treatment of blacks in the past 100 years. Derrick takes on the topic of abortion in America. This is a discussion you don't want to miss. Log on to for more original content from Forward podcast. ...


  2. Episode 17: Tradition

    Traditions are celebrated across every culture. These traditions represent religious beliefs, acs of kindness and love, and entertainment and fun. Host Derrick Day talks about how tradition can be a hindrance to the forward progress of humanity. Agree or Disagree? Log on to to watch more original content from ...


  3. Episode 16: Olympics

    The Olympics are a waste of time and effort and amateur sports, as we know it, is over. Don't believe me? Please tune in to this segement as we break down ...


  4. Episode 15: Re-engineering the Constitutional Convention

    America is in desperate need of a Constitutional convention. We have involved as a nation of people through diversity (and now inclusion) that our previous Constitution no longer fits the population that it continues to govern. Join this episode to understand easy steps that we can take as a society ...


  5. Episode 14: Capitalism, Socialism, and Social Capital

    America is not a true capitalist country and can benefit from some "bottom-up" instead of "top-down" socialism. What does that really mean? Join host Derrick Day, a forward thinking social media influencer, to help decipher our role in the three-headed Western World institutional vertical: Capitalism; Socialism; and Social Capital. Log ...